Sunday, March 31, 2013

Most Difficult Shorts Ever

Sometimes sewing projects don't go as well as you would like. I wanted to make a pair of denim shorts, but I encountered so many problems during construction. 

I first started sewing on the welt pockets. I made the opening too big (5/8" wide), which would make my backside look weird. I planned to make two welts, but after what happened with this one, I don't want to deal with another one on this pair. I also should have made a test welt on the fabric, because I've never sewn with cotton twill before. It was thicker than I expected, so it was difficult to cut the welt open just enough (the results of which you can see on the corners of the welt). Since the opening is so big, I'll make it a double welt pocket, in hopes that that will reduce the illusion of my backside being huge. Next time, I'll cut the welts 3/8" to 1/2" wide.

Does it still look huge?

Then I started to construct the front fly zipper. The pattern I used didn't have this element, so I drafted my own using sallieoh's tutorial. I altered my front crotch curve before, so it was curved where the zipper would be. I didn't realize that this line should be straight, until I sewed it up and saw that it looked weird. Fortunately, this is salvageable; I'll have to change the curve to what it was originally. Hope the crotch doesn't mess up, though. Seriously, fingers crossed. This is what I get for not making any notes on an old altered pattern. 
It also took half a day to make all these differences. I really don't want to have wasted all that time, and have the shorts not work out. Drafting it was pretty stressful by itself, so having to re-draft it would be a nightmare. 

Good thing the fabric was cheap, though. It was only $3/yard at my local fabric store. I bought a yard but have almost 1/4 yard left over. Nice! The quality seems to be really good too. When I was lining up the grainline by taking out a piece of thread from selvedge to selvedge, the thread only break once or twice. I made a pair out of quilting cotton last time (the pattern was just so pretty! You can see the fabric as my pocket lining here), the threads were really short and broke all the time. Though this denim was cheap and of good quality, I don't know its country of origin. Could have been made with a bunch of harsh chemicals, but sometimes the earth has to suffer... I can't buy organic or vintage everything. That's just not possible for my lifestyle (college student budget + don't live near good thrift stores + don't have a car). 

I'm gonna take a break from this project, so that I have time to calm down. ...Also because I don't have a sewing machine where I live on campus, and it might be a while until I go back home. Hehe!

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