Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chevron Top

Ignore the turned up sleeve hem...
Heyyy.... It's been a while, hasn't it? Hehe, the hiatus was a combination of homework, finals, and not wanting to post the same type of project. You see, I'm too lazy to fit a new pattern, so I just alter my knit pattern that already fits me so well. I felt like I needed to post a project using a new (preferably indie) pattern, but currently, I don't have the time and money for that. 

So, on this blog, you will most likely see the same pattern remade into a slightly different dress. Just deal with it! :P

I think this top is pretty cool though. It's super versatile, as it can be made dressy with this white skirt, or a black skirt. It can be made casual by wearing it with shorts and pants. I looooovvvee it.

The fabric I used is a navy & white striped knit from Girl Charlee. It's super soft, and a great weight for a t-shirt. I'm pretty boss with knits by now (I've only really sewn one wearable woven garment...), so it wasn't too difficult matching the stripes on all four vertical seams. It is still a little off in the front though, if you noticed and you're picky, haha.

Ohhh yeah, look at those matched stripes!
There is some pretty awful pooling in the back, though. But you don't need to see it, right? Keep the illusion that this top fits perfectly!!

Sorry for the blindingly white skirt, though. Need to play with my camera some more. Anyway, I might be back this week or next with another project. SPOILER ALERT It's also a knit!


  1. Wow! Looks awesome! :D You really good job lining it up (looks perfect from here)! Keep up the great work & no big, post the same knit it's all good ^^

  2. This looks great! You really matched it up so perfectly! Now-- time to work on some wovens! :D

  3. Hehe! I think it's more than fine to post the same thing! If it fits, why not make lots of them :)